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I’ve created AMONSTER.

YAY I finished! Sorry for the shitty bathroom pics. I’ll have proper pics in a week or so, taking shots at Sandy Hook, NJ with Ambrosia as Asami with Nicole as our photographer awww yus.

I’ve discovered that the hem of his coat thing likes to travel up, and get shorter and shorter, because it started out way longer than that OH WELL. Also discovered: decent theatrical makeup is waterproof.

I don’t intend to cosplay unmasked Amon at a con, but I wanted to take a shot at his scar makeup. I managed to keep the corner of my mouth taut and open with a crapton of rigid collodian and grimacing until it dried. The coloring isn’t perfect, probably less red, time to do some disturbing Google Image search for next time!

please marry me


Urge to work on my own cosplay RISING THROUGH THE ROOF

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